[Samba] printing from windows via smb print server

Debbie Schiel debbie at redeemer.qld.edu.au
Tue Nov 1 01:44:54 GMT 2005

Hi John - GOOD NEWS!! (and sorry for not posting this to the list 
originally - I
hit the wrong reply-to button)

Quoting John H Terpstra <jht at samba.org>:

> On Saturday 29 October 2005 19:44, Debbie Schiel wrote:
>> Here's the image:
>> http://www.redeemer.qld.edu.au/printer-setup.gif
>> What I want to do is control students' print usage and I thought the best
>> way was to replace the winXP box with a fedora/cups/samba combination (box
>> B from previous email) - have that server then join the RLPS domain as a
>> member server
>> (rather than master/controller) and then assign a quota for the printer.

> You can continue to use the WinXP PC as your print server, just install a
> printer on your Samba PDC. Set it up as a CUPS remote SMB printer. It will be
> a bit messy to set this up though. You will need to figure out how to grant
> your network users permission to print to the attached printer.

You said it would be messy so I avoided this one.

> I would be inclined to configure a Linux PC and attach the printer to 
> it. Just
> set it up as a CUPS printer. There is no need to run Samba on that machine,
> as you can use the Samba PDC as a CUPS client, and then set access controls
> on the printer through Samba.

DONE!! I've just printed a test page from our file/smb/pdc server via webmin -
using the printer attached to the Linux PC. FAB!!

> In reality though, a good network attached printer is much easier to deal
> with, and not that costly either. The cost of a good network attached printer
> would be easily repaid in hassels avoided.

Noted and Filed! When our Laser printer dies I'll make sure we get one with a
network plug attached. We're a small school and have to (like may other
I'm sure) do a lot on a tight budget.

Now I've got to get the Windows clients to see the printer (haven't tried
that yet).

STOP PRESS - I can see the printer in the windows network neighborhood, and
install it as a generic/text printer, and print to it from a windows client.
Now I'm just having trouble getting it installed with an HP driver so we can
print more than text - But I'm glad I've come this far!


Best regards,


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