[Samba] weird problem

kaak kaabakas ahelv2lk at hot.ee
Tue May 31 18:46:02 GMT 2005

i'm having a rather weird (i think) problem:
i have a freebsd 5.4 box running apache2.0.54. i use samba3.0.14a mount_smbfs to mount a share (my documents) from my windows2003 machine to under the apache www dir. the problem is that i cannot access much of the files on win2k3 from the internet. i'll try to explain:
apache seems to work fine.
samba seems to work fine both windows->bsd and bsd->windows.
but when apache tries to serve a file bigger than about 100bytes from win2k3 to the internet, nothing happens. the directory list comes through fine, but i cannot open files of any noteworthy size. small ones (like my documents' desktop.ini) come through fine.
i'm really dazzled, this isn't like anything i've seen before.
so any help is welcome...

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