[Samba] Re: Two Sambas, but the new version is not activ

Paul Gienger pgienger at ae-solutions.com
Tue May 31 13:41:28 GMT 2005

>>How did you start the daemon? You'll have two smbd executables if you
>I take the daemon of the new one, samba 3.0.14a...:
>/usr/local/samba/bin/smbd start
>/usr/local/samba/bin/nmbd start
>If I start testparm, he is testing always the samba 3.0.7.. version, not the 
>started new one?
>If I start testparm -V in the directory of the samba 3.0.14a, it comes samba 
>version 3.0.7...?
I'm going to ask a somewhat dumb question... are you running ./testparm 
or just testparm?  If the former, then I suggest you do as the first 
replier said and remove the package manager controlled version of samba, 
then I'm going to suggest what I always do, that you install a package 
manager controlled version of samba, you can find the current version if 
you look around for your distro, or someone here can probably point you 
in the right direction.

>>Use the packet manager to uninstall the old one (it shouldn't be a problem 
>>to have multiple versions installed in different locations though).
>Another problem:
>In Yast of suse9.2 there is only the old version(3.0.7..), not the new one?
The package manager (rpm) doesn't know anything about your source 
install.  You need to pick a direction and go with it. 
1. you build a distro from source
2. go the way you are now and forget about your package manager being useful
3. find an rpm version and keep your package manager sane and useful.

There is a post on this list every time that some individual (sorry I 
can't find your post in my mail reader right now, I'm not giving credit 
appropriately) every time a new verion comes out and a suse rpm is 
available.  He usually has it done within the day of the release.

>If I want to delete the old one, I get warning error dependencies 
>messages( inconsistences in your system, if you will delete)? So, delete or 
See my previous options, you'll want 3.  To get past your issue here, 
you'll need to do an upgrade operation with the old package in place.

>And another problem:
>If I want to create an ldapdmin account:
>/usr/local/samba/bin/smbpasswd -w <password>
>I get an errormessage:
>"permission denied"
Can't help you here.  Try the other suggestions first though and see if 
this goes away.

>The samba 3.0.14a was comiled with the --with-ldapsam option.
>Best regards

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