[Samba] One User, One Ldap, Multiple Domains

David Barker D.R.Barker at exeter.ac.uk
Tue May 31 09:19:20 GMT 2005

Andrew Bartlett wrote:

>>b) We are going to be missing out on fun things like 
>>"ldapsam:trusted=yes" by staying with ldapsam_compat
>I would suggest looking into speed improvements (such as the continuing
>work on this) before breaking your ldap into tiny pieces.  One domain
>really should be the way to do this. 
I know :-/

Is 20,000+ users in a domain something that samba can do quickly yet? As 
far as I know we've done all the standard things - indexes in openldap, 
nscd on the PDC & quick hardware. Openldap is certainly quick enough - 
the entire people OU comes back in about 5-6 seconds, so I've run out of 
obvious things to tweak. Is ldapsam *that much* quicker than 
ldapsam_compat for large numbers of users?

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