[Samba] Problem setting up msdfs links to multiple targets

Francesco De Rose fdr at nic-nac-project.de
Tue May 31 08:33:02 GMT 2005


I'd like to set up a fault-tolerant fileserver system using samba (I'm
using version Version 3.0.10-Ubuntu). I thought of using msdfs links
with multiple targets, likewise it's shown at chapter 19 of the samba
howto collection:

So, on my machine federica, I enabled msdfs root and msdfs host I did:

       ln -s msdfs:giulia\\r1,federica\\r1 linkTor1

In my hopes, the client (windows 2000 professional) should try to
contact giulia for first, and if it is not available, then contact
federica for share r1.

Unfortunately I cannot get to work. It seems to work only once in a
while, even if both federica and giulia are up and running.

It seems to me that the client always follows the second link, which is
not quite what I'd like it to do... I want it to always follow the
first, unless giulia is not responding.

How does msdfs with multiple targets exactly work? I couldn't find much
documentation by googling....

Thanks in advance,

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