[Samba] Re: binding interfaces

kabinet at inf.u-szeged.hu kabinet at inf.u-szeged.hu
Tue May 31 08:02:08 GMT 2005

Jim C. wrote:

> >So, smbd sees the new interface, but does not listen to it: I have to
> >stop and start smbd. This is not good for me, as new interfaces are
> >added by a cluster software which monitors if smbd is running: it
> >should not be stopped+started only reloaded.
> >nmbd works fine with this situation, it listens to the new interface.
> >Any ideas how to make smbd to listen on the new interface?
> >Krisztian
> My setup:
> interfaces = eth0, lo
> bind interfaces only = Yes
> hosts allow = 192.168.2.,127.
> hosts deny = ALL
> "bind interfaces only" will make the server ignore packets from any
> interfaces not in the "interfaces" list.  hosts allow and hosts deny are
> self explanatory. They are used to deny packets based on specific IP
> addresses and in function are similar to tcp wrappers.
> Does this help?
> Jim C.

This is not what i meant. More detailed info:

Before adding the new interface:

Kuklis Krisztián
rendszer admin.

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