[Samba] smbtar can't backup DVD device

samba samba at whoweb.com
Tue May 31 06:08:12 GMT 2005


I'm running Samba v3.0.14a on FreeBSD 5.4 and having a problem trying to backup
a CDROM in a DVD drive using smbtar.

Network layout is simple...                         FBSD w/samba v3.0.14a     Windows XP Professional

I have two shares on the WINXP machine:
C:\temp shared as temp
D: shared as CDROM

Command is:
smbtar -s PC1 -x "CDROM" -t /tmp/test

PC1 is the WINXP machine.  The smbtar command hangs when attempting to copy files from
the DVD device, but works just fine if I use "temp" and copy files from the temp folder.

If I mount the DVD device onto the FBSD machine using mount_smbfs, I can access the
CDROM just fine and copy the files from the device.  However, I'm curious if this is
expected behaviour with smbtar(), if it's a bug with smbtar(), or if I'm just doing
something wrong.

Any info appreciated.

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