[Samba] Samba/Winbind accessing AD every 5 minutes ??

Bjarne Maschoreck news01 at maschoreck.dk
Mon May 30 10:15:45 GMT 2005


I have been searching for a reason why my ActiveDirectory event log is
spammed with:

Pre-authentication failed:
      User Name:            linux$
      User ID:              KK\linux$
      Service Name:               krbtgt/KK.LOCAL
      Pre-Authentication Type:  0x0
      Failure Code:               0x19
      Client Address:   

Unfortunately, no one had an idea. So now I will try to limit the access
from Samba to a minimum.

So why do Samba access the ActiveDirectory exactly every 5 minutes with
the machine accound (machinename$ as above) even though there is no user
activity ?

My winbind cache is set to 15 minute, so it is not cache refresh. What
else could it be and can I change this access time ?

Bjarne Maschoreck

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