[Samba] Trusted Domain Gorups

James Mauser jmauser at fau.edu
Fri May 27 15:38:25 GMT 2005

Hey all,

 I have posted this question before but never seem to get a response:


I was wondering if anyone can help me with the question of groups and
trusted domains.


We have the setup of 2 AD Domains running in native 2003 

(I don't know the specific trust setup as I am not the Admin for the windows





I have the following working:

Log in to solaris, linux etc using dom1\username or dom2\username

Getent passwd shows both dom1\usernames and dom2\usernames

Getent group shows both dom1\groups and dom2\groups


However in dom2\gorup I have both dom1\user AND dom2\user 

The getent group will only show the dom2\user


If I do a getent group dom1\group I see the groups and the dom1\users with
no problem (There are only dom1 users in all the groups)


What needs to be done to be able to ensure I can do getent group dom2\group
and see BOTH dom1\user and dom2\user



I don't believe the OS is important as I have the same on different version
of linux, solaris etc. And I have a variety of samba versions with the same
issue. I have updated one of the servers to 3.0.14a and still have no luck
understanding what the issue is.


I will be happy  to give whatever log information is needed (although I am
not seeing 


Currently my workaround to this issue is 

Create a  /etc/netgroup  entry and add the dom1\user to the group  then in
smb.conf I reference the netgroup group.  This seems like double work since
I already have the dom1\users in the dom2\group and on the windows boxes
this works fine. 




Thanks for any and all help that you can provide on this issue:




James Mauser

Computer Coordinator 

College of Engineering and Computer Science

Florida Atlantic University



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