[Samba] Auto-Extracting/expanging ISO images

Leonardo Boselli leo at dicea.unifi.it
Wed May 25 20:29:32 GMT 2005

Actually mounting the iso image from and HD is much faster than 
reading from an actual cdrom !
Il 25 May 2005 alle 14:51 Nathan Vidican immise in rete
> Has anyone, or does anyone know of, a way to directly mount or utilize
> and iso image file as a filesystem? I'd like to use samba to create a
> series of shares based on ISO images; assuming one can mount an ISO
> image file one could in theory serve windows clients as a cdrom
> archive (of course assuming performance loss vs dealing with an
> extracted/actual cdrom). Anyone have any ideas where I may go with
> this? Using FreeBSD as the underlying O/S on 64bit dual AMD Opteron
> hardware if it matters any.
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