[Samba] sharing NFS mounts

Mike Charnoky noky at nextbus.com
Wed May 25 15:53:27 GMT 2005

The server in question has a particular directory available on the local
filesystem (/mydisk/mydir).  There is an NFS server running on this
machine which serves up this directory and makes it available as
/nfs/mydir on the same machine (automount cfg files are rdisted to all
local machines).

It it better to configure Samba to serve the dir from the local
filesystem (/nfs/mydir) or from the NFS mount (/mydisk/mydir)?  I would
guess it is better to use the filesystem directly, but that's not what
our old sysadmin did.


Vidiot wrote:
>>OK, I've been searching the archives and google with little luck...
>>I have a directory which needs to be shared with a number of UNIX
>>clients via NFS and with Windows clients via Samba.  What is the best
>>way to do this?  Should I configure Samba to share the actual NFS mount?
>>Or should I configure Samba to share the actual filesystem directory?
>>Reason I ask, we were using the former method (sharing the NFS mount)
>>and Windows users were complaining about flaky Samba shares.
> Interesting,  My current layout is a Linux server running RH 7.1, a new
> Linux server running FedoraCore 2 (to be updated to 3) and two Windblows
> boxes (one 98SE and one W2K).  The new Linux server will be taking over the
> duties of the old.  In the meantine, the home partition and the website
> partition are on the new server.  The old Linux box Samba servers to the
> two Windblows boxes, but it mounts the two partitions via NFS.  I never
> reconfigured the Samba server after I moved the data from those two
> directories to the new server.  Samba happily serves up the local and NFS
> files without a wimper.  The Windoze boxes have never complained.  My
> transfer speed has never had a problem and I not seen a hiccup.
> Of course, my little home network doesn't have the traffic that you do, so
> your mileage will probably vary.  The point is that Samba will happily share
> a NFS mount.  But, if I read what you have for a configuration, the server
> is your Samba server box and the NFS server box.  Samba can't serve a NFS
> mounted file when it isn't mounted locally.  In your case, you'll NFS export
> the directory to the Unix boxes and Samba share the same directory to the
> Windblows boxes.  That is basically what we do at work with a whole bunch
> more Unix boxes and Windblows boxes.
> Did I understand you setup correctly?
> MB

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