[Samba] smb an NFS dir?

Tobias Bluhm tobias.bluhm at philips.com
Wed May 25 12:25:16 GMT 2005

What sort of box is your NFS server? If it's also RH or other Linux/Unix, 
could put samba on the NFS box and use msdfs on the main smb server to 
point to the NFS shares. You will cut down on network traffic as the data 
will now only make one trip. 

Or perhaps you need to tweak your nfs mount options. These are the nfs 
options I had used for smb re-sharing of nfs:

from Tru64, RH9 and NetApp NFS servers - 
from WhiteBox EL 3 NFS server - 

All NFS servers used default export options. WBEL defaults to sync export. 
At one time long ago I had experimented with larger values for rsize & 
wsize, but saw no increase in performance.

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I have /home nfs mounted from a NFS server to /home on a SMB server.  Can 
make %H shares available from the SMB server?  Or, more specifically, I 
used to be able to with earlier versions of Linux and Samba, but have 
problems now after upgrading to RHEL 3 and Samba 3.0.  From the windows 
client, I can 'net use' the home share fine, but then cannot read or write 

anything below that top level home/user directory.  I get Oplock errors.

If I change the user's dir to something non-nfs, everything works fine

Any help would be most appreciated,

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