[Samba] PDC Preference

Patrick McGuire insidenothing at gmail.com
Tue May 24 20:10:38 GMT 2005

I have a question, of course...

We are currently running a network using samba3 with security = user ,
mainly because i started with a 2x version and just updated last
month.  Everything went great but I am wondering if this is still the
best setting... There are no windows servers left ( i killed them all
)  but i do have all winxp pro clients and there loging in fine, i
have a second linux server that runs a
fetchmail->procmail->spamassassin->postfix script  that i have
manually created user  accounts on that the users pick there mail up

I have openLDAP running but i am not using it or sure if that is the
best choice, i was also thinking about loading samba on my second
server as a BDC..
there are about 20 users in the domain.

Any Suggestions ?

Patrick McGuire
Technical Operations
NPI Life Settlements (.com)

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