AW: [Samba] Performance problem when writing large files!

AragonX aragonx at
Tue May 24 13:42:17 GMT 2005

<quote who="Josef.Fuchs at">
> First thanks for your fast replay, I'll going to check with FTP tomorrow
> in the early morning because there are less peoples online.
> You'll hear from me tomorrow.

Are you using a newer distro?  The format of top has changed.  Are you
noticing high HI and/or LO values?  On older versions of top, I believe
both HI and LO are rolled into the iowait state.

If those values are high (above 30% if you ask me), then you could have a
problem with your IRQs.  The usual cause is UDMA not being enabled but I
think it could also be caused by the BIOS assigning multiple devices to
the same IRQ (in the case of add-on cards such as SCSI or RAID).

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