[Samba] Performance problem when writing large files!

Fabio Muzzi liste at kurgan.org
Tue May 24 09:33:25 GMT 2005

Hello Josef,

Tuesday, May 24, 2005, 8:39:27 AM, you wrote:

JFlc> We  encounter  following  problem. If somebody on the network writes
JFlc> big  files  from  windows  clients  to a samba shared directory, the
JFlc> performance of the server will be as much degraded, that, using top,
JFlc> on  all  CPUs  'idle  0.0%'  will  be  shown and the complete system
JFlc> freezes,  up  to minutes after stopping the copying process. After a
JFlc> while the system returns to its normal state, where mostly ideltimes
JFlc> from  50.0%  up  to 99.9% are shown. This behavior can be reproduced
JFlc> and will always happen.

Maybe  it's  a  HDD controller / driver issue. You should try and set up a
minimal  FTP  server  on the Samba server, and try to upload a big file by
FTP.  If  it hangs, it's not samba. If it works, then maybe it's samba. In
top,  what's  the  process that uses up the most CPU time, when the system


  Fabio "Kurgan" Muzzi

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