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Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Mon May 23 19:31:30 GMT 2005

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komal wrote:
|>        disable spoolss = yes
|>        show add printer wizard = no
| What is the exact meaning of spoolss and what
| does it achieve?

spoolss is the name of the named pipe over which
windows NT based clients send printing requests.
Support for the spoolss pipe and associated
set of RPC's are what a client uses to determine
whether it should display a 'Printer and Faxes'
folder on the server.

if you set 'disable spoolss = yes', you get a Samba 2.0
equivalent print server.  I don't generally recommend you
disable this option on an actual print server as it
as been known to create high loads on the server due
to excessive client polling.

cheers, jerry
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