[Samba] Samba Domain Administrator

Jorge Ferreira ferreira.jorge at gmail.com
Mon May 23 16:51:59 GMT 2005

Hello everyone.

I'm using SAMBA version 3.0.9-2.3-SUSE as a PDC and internal mail server (few users in user list) for quite some time and so far so good for what i wanted (Domain logins, shares, users files and backups).
My problem is when i need to install software or hardware on a machine (client of the domain - Windows XP Pro). As the users don't have administrator priviledges on their machines, only the administrator (of the machine) can do such things. Now, what can i do to have a domain administrator (since root is a valid user in the domain but not administrator).
I've browsed through documentation but i can't seem to find what's going on.

Someone told me to insert "domain admin group = group I want" or "domain admin user = users I want" in my smb.conf file, but it didn't worked (looks like that was for older versions of samba).
Can someone help?

Thaks in advance,

Jorge Ferreira

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