[Samba] Samba and Window 2003

Meli Marco Marco.Meli at gknsintermetals.com
Mon May 23 07:06:32 GMT 2005

	I'm also interesting it this matter but the link below about domain
member doesn't work, it show me "the page can not be found".

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> Yes I've done that back when I used to use Red Hat.  

ps - even better yet, to avoid the "I don't want to upgrade the system
packages" problem, go to www.gentoo.org, download and install Gentoo.
Then add +kerberos +ldap +ssl and +winbind to your /etc/make.conf.

Then type 'emerge samba' and follow the instructions at

When a new version of samba, openldap, kerberos, etc. comes out, just do an
emerge -vDu world and you'll always be up to date.

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