[Samba] OS X 10.4.1 ( Tiger ) client borked

cliffw cliffw at easystreet.com
Mon May 23 05:46:08 GMT 2005

Appears Apple messed something up in 10.4,and 10.4.1.

Attempting to connect to a 3.0.14a server (debian unstable)
from an OS X client causes OS X Finder to hang, and puts
these errors in the samba server logs:

[2005/05/22 21:48:20, 0] rpc_parse/parse_prs.c:prs_mem_get(537)
  prs_mem_get: reading data of size 2 would overrun buffer.
[2005/05/22 21:48:20, 0] rpc_server/srv_pipe.c:api_pipe_bind_req(919)
    api_pipe_bind_req: unable to unmarshall RPC_HDR_RB struct.

Apparently it's also causing breakage in some NAS boxes 
( Adaptec's Snap is mentioned )

>From a 'level 2' guy on Apple's support forum ( re: a Snap report ):

"Tiger does a kind of authentication called NTLMv2, 
which Panther did not attempt to do. NTLMv2 is more secure than 
the kind of authentication Panther did, but Snap may not support 
it correctly. Snap grants Tiger only "guest" access instead of the 
full user access requested, and "guest" access is not sufficient 
to even get a list of the files. Panther works OK with Snap because 
it doesn't attempt MTLMv2 authentication. "

Any chance this is the same problem i'm seeing? 
( I'm guessing we could s/Snap may not support/Tiger does not do/ :)
Is there any work-around possible on the server side? 
Otherwise, i guess I wait for OS X 10.4.2..good thing my iBook
dual-boots Debian :)

( reading list on gmane.org, not subscribed - email me direct if
you have a fix for me to try. ) 

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