[Samba] Standardized Benchmarking?

Peter Szmrecsanyi peter at totallinux.com.br
Sat May 21 13:07:24 GMT 2005

Good idea! Bonnie++ is good, I also like tiobench as it benchmarks the block
device's IO capabilities...

I used a stopwatch as well, I suppose a small program that will copy a large
file and give back a rate would be useful in benchmarking.

I suppose that as far as standardizing, well all you need to is to specify
the file size and type (gz/zip for example). A good idea would be to bench
small files, reasonably sized files yet smaller than RAM and then a big file
(say 4GB) which must be bigger than RAM... That way you can get an idea of
what RAM -> RAM and Disk -> Disk transfers are like and how they differ,
with a medium sized file you'd get a mixture of RAM and Disk.

Just thoughts, feel free to criticize.. ;)


PS: Did you find that Compaq PPro machine and run some tests?

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Hello all,

I'm creating a site where people can share their benchmarks.  If you are
interested, the site is at (I just started on it so it has the stock
graphics and color scheme still):


I would like some thoughts on what would be a good way to standardize the
testing so the results are more comparable.  Is Bonnie+ a good program for
hard drive speed testing?  Is there a better option?  I personally prefer
hdparm but that is not an option for those who have SCSI.

And what about the client to server copies?  I personally just copy the
file and use a stopwatch.  I could write a program for Windows that would
automate the process if one doesn't exist.

So, lots of questions.  Any help would be appreciated.

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