RESOLVED--Re: [Samba] Print Share Problem

Eric Hines eehines at
Fri May 20 20:57:27 GMT 2005

The printer stanza has to be _called_ [printers]?  [pserver1]--the name 
[pserver1]--the name of the specific share--isn't sufficient?  If the only 
stanza is [printers], then how does the specific printer get found?

I changed [pserver1] to [printers], and now the correct specific printer 
shows up, but still--my question stands.


Eric Hines

At 05/20/05 14:11, you wrote:
>On Friday 20 May 2005 13:03, E Hines wrote:
> > I'm running FC3 and Samba 3.0.14a.  I'm trying to work through Exercise
> > 2.3 of the on-line Samba-3 by Example, and mostly things ore OK, but I
> > can't get my print share to show up when I run smbclient -L localhost -U
> > %.  Everything else shows up correctly (although I do get two workgroups
> > to appear, as there is another workgroup to which I used to belong
> > before I separated from it (I thought) to set up a test LAN for these
> > exercises), and I both can ping my printer by name and get back its
> > correct MAC address from a subsequent arp -a.
>Where is your [printers] meta-service stanza? That is in the example smb.conf
>file and is necessary.
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