[Samba] samba server as dfs host?

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Fri May 20 18:54:42 GMT 2005

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Basil Copeland wrote:
> I'm trying to configure a samba server in a Win2K3 domain as a dfs host.
> The dfs host part is working: from a win client I can map the dfs root
> on the samba server (on FC3 fwiw) and see the link I've created to a
> share on a Win2k3 active directory domain controller.  From samba
> server, I can smbclient to the share on the Win2k3 DC, and can mount
> the share as "-t cifs" (but not "-t smbfs" if that's any clue: this
> returns the smb signing error).
> For testing purposes I've added "everyone" to the security permissions
> for the share on the Win2k3 DC, but that doesn't seem to do anything. 
> With the mount "-t cifs" I am prompted for a domain user account and
> password.  But trying to get to the share through the dfs link doesn't
> even do that (prompt for a user and password).

the linux cifs fs doesn't support ms-dfs referrals yet.  I think this
is what you saying is not working for you.  recent smbclient release
should follow the link ok.

cheers, jerry
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