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Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Fri May 20 18:02:06 GMT 2005

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Hervé Kergourlay wrote:
> Is there anybody to help me ?
> Is it the right place for that sort of technical request ?
> I have the same problem on AS400

> Hervé Kergourlay a écrit :
>> I'm trying to list my Linux shared exported by samba
>> from a Windows 2003 I'm using the NetShareEnum api
>> the sample is working between 2 windows but it fails
>> on the linux with error 5 Access Denied
>> who to configure samba on the linux to ba able to
>> do that ?

This kind of questions are better suited for the samba-technical
ml.  This is the general community list.

Have you looked at the traces against the linux box?
Also look at a level 10 debug log from smbd to see why the
call is failing.

cheers, jerry
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