[Samba] Non-algorithmic RIDs

Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Fri May 20 15:56:26 GMT 2005

fre, 20.05.2005 kl. 17.13 skrev Misty Stanley-Jones:

> > I use 3.0.11/3.0.14a (2 sites) on RHAS3 and LDAP. When I use smbpasswd
> > -a to add a POSIX group user to Samba, both user and group RIDs are
> > calculated from uidNumber and gidNumber on the basis of a simple
> > algorithm. This is something that smbpasswd just does; moreover it's
> > documented. Why should mine be different from yours
>  It is obviously that I did not use those scripts. 

What scripts?

>  I wrote my own scripts to 
> create an LDIF.

So do I, awk/sed/shell. I use smbpasswd (amongst other Samba utilities)
and I don't have your problem. Don't you know what smbpasswd is? Try
'man smbpasswd' ;)

>  I am no Windows admin and simply had no idea that it 
> mattered. 

It's all fully documented and explained in the Samba doco, all you have
to do is read it.

>  The simplest solution would be to change the UIDs but that would 
> put them below 1000.

smbpasswd will do what you want, if you already have posixGroup entries
for users, groups and computers.


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