[Samba] Samba and Window 2003

Esquivel, Vicente Esquivelv at uhd.edu
Fri May 20 15:01:44 GMT 2005

Did you do that or has anyone accomplished reinstalling a new version of
Kerberos and getting it to work with 2003 AD?


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> ...our Windows is running in native mode...
> I cant use ADS and Kerberos because the current version of Kerberos on 
> my RH server is 1.2.7 and from what I have read I need 1.3+ in order 
> for it to work that way.

Why don't you just upgrade Kerberos - install the new version in an
alternate location and preserve the existing system one?

You can't use samba then, as a Domain Member.  Maybe you could configure
Samba to use your domain as its workgroup & allow all SMB traffic or
something like that, if you don't mind a free-for-all with no security

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