[Samba] Alert Re MS Microsoft Office 2003 Pro / XP shortcuts on Samba

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Fri May 20 14:43:30 GMT 2005

This is to follow up with my previous posting:
All works except MS Office 2003 Pro navigation of win.
shortcuts to shares 
-I cant figure out how to reply to a thread :(

Alert Re MS Microsoft Office 2003 Pro / XP shortcuts
on Samba
It happens that ... the "event" could have happened
and all would've been well, but I didn't want to
wait...and the light dawned... 
The solution to Office 2003 / XP patched or unpatched
being able to 'see' and follow, or not follow
depending on permissions , windoze shortcuts on a
Samba share using \\server\sharename syntax is to put
the desired share(s) to valid users = @"Domain Users"
first, create the shortcut, *then* restrict share
permissions in smb.conf  ...
and they lived happily ever after!  Hats off to all ye


Redhat ES 3
Samba 3.0.9 / OpenLDAP 2.0.27 / a la Idealx
IBM Server
...implementing Ontario municipal file plan structure
with 100+ shares.  Mapping drive letters to Windoze is
limited to 26 so we mapped one drive to each pc calle
'fileplan' with the 13 main headings (folders) and
within those shortcuts to each share.

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