[Samba] Having it both ways with winbind

Basil Copeland blcjr2 at gmail.com
Fri May 20 12:05:24 GMT 2005

On 5/19/05, Braden Bill <Bill.Braden at thomson.net> wrote:
> We already have a large complement of Unix users that are also Windows
> users but we also have non-unix users that need access to some samba
> shares.  How can I setup samba so that Users who already have a Unix
> account will get that account and home directory when they connect
> through samba but valid domain users that do not already have a Unix
> account will authenticate through winbind and get the winbind generated
> UID, GID and home directory?

What do you mean by the users with Unix accounts getting "that account
and home directory when they connect through samba?  Connect how?  I'm
really having a hard time understanding the context.  Unless you are
using NIS, unix accounts are always local.  And even in that case,
their home directories are intially local unless linked to directories
exported through NFS on another server.  All of which shows just how
confused I am by your expression "connect through samba."  Logged in
locally through unix, they will have access to their home directories
the usual way.  Samba has nothing to do with that: they are not
"connecting through samba".  For *other* samba shares locally or on
other samba servers, they can  access them in the usual ways --
smbclient, mount - t smbfs.

I feel I'm missing something in understanding your question.

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