[Samba] dual boot linux/winxp, winbind

Rex Dieter rdieter1 at unl.edu
Thu May 19 12:10:03 GMT 2005

Bruno Guerreiro wrote:
> And I'm correct to assume you're reserving Ip's at your dhcp server?
> Is it mandatory to add the machine name to the lease at the server?

Yes and most likely, respectively.  I'm not in control of our campus 
dhcp, so that part is out of my hands.

-- Rex

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> Bruno Guerreiro wrote:
>>>We have a bunch of dual-boot boxes (linux/winxp).  I'd like to be able 
> ...
>>>In the past, when using an NT4 domain, I was able to tell samba to use a 
>>>different (netbios) name, via (in smb.conf):
>>>netbios name = hostname-samba
>>>netbios aliases = hostname
>>>When trying this now against ads, it *appears* to join the domain ok, 
>>>but it doesn't work.  For example,
>>>$ wbinfo -t
>>>checking the trust secret vi RPC calls failed
>>>error code was STATUS_BUFFER_OVERFLOW (0x80000005)
>>>Could not check secret
>>>Suggestions/workarounds for dual-boot machines?
>  > Different machine names? (machineWin/MachineLnx)
> We're using DHCP, so they get assigned the same IP/hostname regardless 
> of which OS is booted.
> -- Rex

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