[Samba] Trouble joining domain at BDC site

TMSIII tms3 at fsklaw.com
Wed May 18 23:02:55 GMT 2005

David Sonenberg wrote:

>I have no trouble joining the domain in our main office(samba PDC) or a
>branch office(samba BDC) but for some reason I can't join the domain at
>the branch office 2(also samba BDC)  All three offices are running
>3.0.11 and the 2 branch offices have identical configurations, aside
>from ip address'.  The message I get from Windows XP is:
>The following error occured attempting to join the domain "strozllc"
>The specified domain does not exist or could not be contacted.
>I was able to join a linux machine to the domain by doing:
>net rpc join -U administrator -S FQDN.OF.PDC
>Is there a windows registry entry where I can put the FQDN of the PDC or
>is there something else I should try?
Quite frankly it sounds like a WINS problem.


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