[Samba] Tiger, Samba, and ADS

Matt R aaron_milwaukee at yahoo.com
Wed May 18 16:18:02 GMT 2005


Little different path to get AD users and groups to
work on OS X.

Far as I know, winbind won't work because nsswitch
doesn't exist on OS X.  As such, no way to tell the
machine to use winbind for user/group names.

The correct solution is to user OS X's Directory
Access tool (/Applications/Utilies/Directory Access)
to join the Windows domain.  That said, there are know
issues with 10.4 proper and directory access and SMB
that are supposedly fixed in 10.4.1.  I don't know, as
I haven't had time to test yet.

> Trying to get Samba working with Active Directory
> and ACL's on an OS X
> (Tiger) server.  So far it hasn't been too easy.  We
> were able to
> finally recompile version 3.014 with ACL's on the
> server.  Now we are
> stuck trying to get AD integration to work. 
> Ideally, we would like it
> set up so that the OS X file server knows and uses
> all of the users
> and groups from Active Directory without having to
> create our own
> mapping file (does that make sense?).  All of the
> clients are Win XP.
> As of right now, the file server has been able to
> join the domain. 
> Issuing a wbinfo -u or wbinfo -g gives the expected
> output.  

Best of Luck


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