[Samba] Samba server suddenly started asking for authentication of the us ers

eric roseme eroseme at emonster.rose.hp.com
Wed May 18 15:04:49 GMT 2005

There is not enough information to make a guess.  Send me (off-list) 
your smb.conf.  Also, set your log level to 5 and "log file = 
/var/opt/samba/log.%m", then attempt the share mount, and send me the 
log file (log.machine name).

Whatever the outcome, you will need to upgrade your Samba version.  If 
you are using HP CIFS Server, you can stay on 2.2 - we still supply and 
support 2.2.12.  You can also upgrade to 3.0.8.  If you are using 
opensource, then you should go to 3.0.14a.

Eric Roseme
eroseme at emonster.rose.hp.com

Majid Chavoshi wrote:
> Samba Server Name: hamilton
> Samba Server OS: HP-UX 11.11
> Samba Version: 2.2.3.a
> Hi All,
> I have the same version of Samba running on many of our HP servers with almost identical smb.conf file and configured the same way. No other Samba server seem to be having any problems except this one (hamilton). When a legitimate user tries to access a Samba share from a Windows client, it asks for his/her User name & password, and it won't accept the user's current network id & password.
> Can anyone advise as to what might be the problem and how to fix it. Many thanks in advance.
> Regards,
> Majid Chavoshi
> Unix Systems Administrator
> Belkin Corporation
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