[Samba] 3.0.10 mysql pdbedit

Collen collen at zeist.hermanjordan.nl
Wed May 18 07:04:17 GMT 2005

Hmm here is a thought..

it looks like your samba user in the mysql-server is set wrong.
standard, mysql set's somthing like:
ect ect. in the user db.

now mysql uses %@localhost for your samba user, and my guess is that 
that account in mysql has no password set,
when trying to login to mysql with a pass, mysql returns access denied!

here is what you should try, go to a bash shell fire-up mysql-client and 
try to login as user samba on localhost. if you get access denied it's 
still set wrong. (you could try to use user samba and no pass)
so try to remove the %@localhost and make sure you have an alternative 
login (incase things screw up)
set your samba user with the pass you desire..
and now try to login with your mysql client again, providing the correct 
user pass db and ip..
if you can get in, you succeed. and you can continue with your samba 
setting, if not, look if there are anny more entries in the mysql user 
db (the mysql user db that is, not the samba db within mysql!!)

good luck. this is ovious a mysql thing, not a samba.!


ps. you could also try to set 'mysql:mysql host = 192.168.x.x'
to work around the localhost problem ??

Peter Stickney wrote:
> That did it!  I thought I had tried that, but apparently not.  I guess 
> the only reason I was getting the host, user and database correctly 
> output from pdbedit was because it is the default values, and it wasnt 
> actually getting read from the conf file.
> Sorry about hijacking this thread too.  Accidental.
> thanks
> -peter
> anton at abutsyk.sumy.ua wrote:
>> Hi
>> Follow the sample come with samba source:
>> ---------
>> [global]
>> netbios name = FOOBAR
>> workgroup = TESTGROUP
>> security = domain
>> domain logons = yes
>> domain master = yes
>> passdb backend = plugin:/usr/local/samba/lib/pdb_mysql.so:mysql
>> mysql:mysql host = rhonwyn
>> mysql:mysql user = samba
>> mysql:mysql password = ambas
>> mysql:mysql database = samba
>> ----------
>> In your smb.conf just replace as above:
>>     ...
>>     passdb backend = mysql:kodos
>>     kodos:mysql user = samba
>>     kodos:mysql password = samba
>>     ...
>> -butsyk
>>> Hello -
>>> A little mysql/samba help if I can get it.
>>> I'm running samba 3.0.10.
>>> configured with : ./configure --with-mysql-prefix=/usr
>>> --prefix=/usr/local/samba-3.0.10 --with-expsam=mysql
>>> [smb.conf]
>>>   netbios name= KODOS
>>>   passdb backend = mysql:mysql
>>>   kodos:mysql user = samba
>>>   kodos:mysql password = samba
>>>   kodos:mysql database = samba
>>>   kodos:domain column = 'PVPSC'
>>>   kodos:fullname column = CONCAT(firstname, ' ', surname);
>>>   kodos:lanman pass column = lm_pass;
>>>   kodos:nt pass column = nt_pass;
>>>   kodos:unknown 3 column = NULL
>>> when I run "pbdedit -L" as a test of the mysql plugin I get:
>>> Connecting to database server, host: localhost, user: samba, password: ,
>>> database: samba, port: 3306
>>> Failed to connect to mysql database: error: Access denied for user:
>>> 'samba at localhost' (Using password: NO)
>>> pdb backend mysql:mysql did not correctly init (error was
>>> Loading mysql:mysql failed!
>>> What concerns me is the blank password that pdbedit returns.  There is a
>>> password defined it the conf file, but it looks like it doesn't make it
>>> over to here.  I made created the mysql user already:'
>>> GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON samba.* TO 'samba'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY
>>> 'samba' WITH GRANT OPTION;
>>> Anyone have a similiar issue?  Or am I missing something simple?
>>> thanks
>>> -peter
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