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Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Tue May 17 14:26:44 GMT 2005

tir, 17.05.2005 kl. 13.22 skrev Ron Grout:

> I am very new to samba and have installed samba 2.2.8 on a sco unix open
> server 5.07 system with wins.

Bad, bad, bad. I used to be (MANY years ago) a SCO OpenServer sysadmin
(left it at 5.0.6, IIRC, never to return).

SCO OS 5 (and Unix 3.2 before it) used to be a really good OS while Doug
Michel's founder father was running the outfit, in Santa Cruz, in
California. Then Doug took over and began to work with his butcher's
instinct and illusionist meat cleaver. Buying in Novell's UnixWare and
chopping it's head off, (like giving it Linux binary personality, like
shitting on Novell who was the golden goose, like selling the name SCO
to Caldera and trying to keep a finger in the pie). 

The present acronym SCO and all OS versions associated with it is
synonymous with Daryl McBride and a would-be, of infantile IQ,
card-sharper. Who elected to take it up against far sharper sharpers
than he. Like IBM and SGI and the Linux community (including Linus
Torvalds) and tried, using his (Daryl McBride's) infantile thought
processes against those sharper giants. At present he's sat with his bum
firmly wedged into the John and can't pull himself out. What's worse is,
that no-one's willing to try and help him. Mainly because he's a
contemptuous figure who has turned the once famous name of SCO into a
huge aunt Sally (or coconut shy,for those of you familiar with British

Hmmm ... of concrete material:

Do not use any SCO-based operating system as a base for Samba. SCO Open
Server, in particular, exceeded its sell-by date in 2001 and UnixWare is
presently quietly putrefying. Nobody wants them any more, nobody (apart
from people that are forced to, because of application dependency) buys
them any more.

Choosing OpenServer 5 as OS for samba will make it extremely difficult
for you to adhere to modern versions of anything. No, sorry, it will
make it impossible unless you elect to become one of the free, unpaid
genii, developing SCO OS 5 system software and willing to work for
nothing for SCO, such as Jean-Paul Radcliffe, Bela Lubka, and many
others of those who ever helped me and whom I ever tried to help.

-- The Samba development posters on this list say in unison: "Samba 2 is
-- I say, you'll never compile the basic library or OS support for
Samba, including ACL support, Openldap 2.2 support including Sleepycat
BDB 4.2.52 and later and after that Samba itself.

So, this is all negative shit: "don't, don't, don't ..."

O.k.: *DO*:

-- Find the funds to purchase hardware and an OS for a PDC machine
(which seems to be what you more or less are looking for)
-- Make your hardware dependable, fast and thoroughly reliable. Me, that
says IBM and then stops dead, but that's your throw.
-- Ditto, me that says Red Hat Linux, but others would choose other
OS/distros. Red Hat runs on IBM hardware and is supported (if you do
things correctly).

With the above, you will be able to implement  (at least) a Samba PDC
for umpteen, scores of Windows workstations. At least, that's how it's
worked for me up to date. Best of all, you'll be able to update it
regularly (both OS and utilities) and follow the Samba guidelines to
make things work. 

Samba guidelines for version 2 just don't apply any more. The Samba PDC
would run in the same network as your present, obsolete, SCO Open Server
5 machine(s).




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