[Samba] Re: Linux integration with AD

Etienne Goyer etienne.goyer at videotron.ca
Tue May 17 16:17:57 GMT 2005

Nir B wrote:
> I extended my AD schema (SFU 3.5) and migrated the users and groups from my 
> NIS domain.
> The groups migrated from the NIS have the same GID like on the NIS.
> How can I define that groups GID will be exactly like on my AD? (The 
> "msSFU30GidNumber" attribute)

You would need to configure nsswitch.conf for LDAP, not winbind, on the
Unix side.  The exact procedure depend on your OS and version.  On
Linux, you would make use of the nss_ldap package.  There are quite a
few tutorial on the subject on the Web so I will not dig too deeply in
the details.

Also, it is outside the scope the Samba.

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