[Samba] Samba smbpasswds and local Linux passwords

Esquivel, Vicente Esquivelv at uhd.edu
Tue May 17 16:12:51 GMT 2005

Hello all,
I am new to the list and am in need of some assistance:
Does anyone have a current solution that they are using to synchronize the
smbpasswd's on samba 3.0 with their local /etc/shadow passwords on RedHat
3.0 ES?  I need a way to do this for the existing users on the system and
for new users that get created nightly on the systems.  Our users do log
into the system remotely as well as access their samba shares.
This only involves one server:  RedHat 3.0 ES, running Samba 3.0 with user
security  or windows environment is Win 2003 native mode.
I have tried a few How-to's to get it to authenticate via ADS but with no
success, so that is why I am looking for a way to sync the local /etc/shadow
passwords with the smbpasswd file.
Any help with this would be of great assistance.

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