[Samba] 3.0.10 mysql pdbedit

Peter Stickney pstickney at pvpsc.com
Tue May 17 16:04:00 GMT 2005

Hello -

A little mysql/samba help if I can get it.

I'm running samba 3.0.10.

configured with : ./configure --with-mysql-prefix=/usr 
--prefix=/usr/local/samba-3.0.10 --with-expsam=mysql

   netbios name= KODOS
   passdb backend = mysql:mysql
   kodos:mysql user = samba
   kodos:mysql password = samba
   kodos:mysql database = samba
   kodos:domain column = 'PVPSC'
   kodos:fullname column = CONCAT(firstname, ' ', surname);
   kodos:lanman pass column = lm_pass;
   kodos:nt pass column = nt_pass;
   kodos:unknown 3 column = NULL

when I run "pbdedit -L" as a test of the mysql plugin I get:

Connecting to database server, host: localhost, user: samba, password: , 
database: samba, port: 3306
Failed to connect to mysql database: error: Access denied for user: 
'samba at localhost' (Using password: NO)
pdb backend mysql:mysql did not correctly init (error was 
Loading mysql:mysql failed!

What concerns me is the blank password that pdbedit returns.  There is a 
password defined it the conf file, but it looks like it doesn't make it 
over to here.  I made created the mysql user already:'

GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON samba.* TO 'samba'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 

Anyone have a similiar issue?  Or am I missing something simple?



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