[Samba] paw_winbind.so reporting Wrong Password

Mark Le Noury markl at bbd.co.za
Tue May 17 15:15:23 GMT 2005

I have:
on Fedora Core 3
and a 2003 based Active directory
I have joined the linux box to the domain and everything seems OK. wbinfo -u
comes back with the correct users, wbinfo -a user%pass authenticates fine
and net ads testjoin comes back OK.
However when I put the line: auth        sufficient
in /etc/pam.d/system-auth
I start getting errors like this in /var/log/messages:
May 17 17:08:37 newmail pam_winbind[2376]: request failed: Wrong Password,
PAM error was 7, NT error was NT_STATUS_WRONG_PASSWORD
I was just wondering if this is a misconfiguration on my part of the PAM
settings or something else.
Any help appreciated,

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