[Samba] Re: nazi spam in German over list address

Jeff Saxton jeff.saxton at sensage.com
Tue May 17 12:48:21 GMT 2005

C'mom everyone, the complaints about this are starting to generate more noise than the spam.

Jan Kellerhoff wrote:
> Now why don't you just use D-Spam as recommended before?
> Now I get more "Spam" on this list, because of this discussion, than the
> Nazi-Spam ever was.
> D-Spam solves the problem.
> But I can't tell it now, that this discussion is "Spam",
> because then I would risk to loose non Nazi-Spam samba-mails.
> So why don't you *stop* this discussion and take your own measures?
> Why change anything in policy or even convert to a forum?
> Spam will always exist....
> Jan Kellerhoff

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