[Samba] Re: nazi spam in German over list address

Michael J. Welch, Ph.D. mjwelchphd at ekgreaders.com
Tue May 17 03:15:50 GMT 2005

On Monday 16 May 2005 19:29, Eric Hines wrote:
> Locking out the Windows folks is counterproductive--those are exactly the
> ones we're trying to attract away from MS, for that's the only way we'll
> beat MS--by converting its customers.

Everybody who receives this samba email signed up for it. Why not only 
propagate messages from people on that list? After all, as it is now, if you 
want to get help from other people on the list, you'll probably sign up.

I understand that someone could publicly post, then read the list from some 
other source than the emails, but that seems like the hard way. It's just not 
that hard to sign up, and it's just as easy to drop off the list later.

-- Mike

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