[Samba] Re: nazi spam in German over list address

John E. Malmberg wb8tyw at qsl.net
Mon May 16 19:13:44 GMT 2005

Daniel S. Haischt wrote:
> Basically if re-training your SPAM filter does not help and
> one really wants to get rid of all those junk mails, installing
> a challenge/response system like TMDA behind a statistical
> filter (e.g. DSPAM) would be a possible solution ...

No.  All that a challenge response system would do is add a bunch of 
challenges to forged addresses to the mess that the worm is creating.

It is hard enough to filter out this worm from all the infected hosts, 
but realize that the list operators are also having to try and filter 
out all the things that are incorrectly auto-responding to the forged 

Challenge response systems are a plague to mailing list operators and to 
any mail server operator who has had their domain forged by a virus or a 
spam run.

Many of the mail server operators that I know are now blocking on sight 
any user and/or network that is using any Challenge Response system that 
they receive a mis-directed challenge from.

My e-mail address is now under attack from mail servers that are not 
using SMTP rejects.

All challenge response would do is increase the amount of junk that is 
now coming in to it.

The same would happen to these lists.

Right now there should be filters in place that know about most of the 
subject that this particular worm uses.


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