[Samba] Solaris, Winbind and Active Directory Authentication

L. Mark Stone lmstone at rnome.com
Mon May 16 14:33:25 GMT 2005

We have not worked with Solaris much, and our contract Solaris guy has 
very little experience with Winbind.  So, we are like two blind people 
touching opposite ends of the elephant and trying to come to a 
solution.  (No comments please on which end I drew...)  :-)

The question involves authentication in a native mode Windows 2000 
Active Directory domain.

Is there any reason Samba/Winbind running on Solaris could not be used 
for authenticating users who want to access resources on the Solaris 
box against the AD user/group accounts?  We have done this with a SuSE 
box, but never with a Solaris box (yet!).

Currently, the Solaris system (9 now, upgrading to 10 later this 
year...) is manually populated with a set of *NIX user accounts that 
mirror the accounts in AD.  This creates a lot of administrative 
overhead (there are some 300+ user accounts, and employee turnover is 
by nature fairly high), and will create even more help desk issues as 
the AD environment is about to implement a GPO forcing frequent 
password changes.

Any major "gotchas" we should watch out for?

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