[Samba] Gigabit Throughput too low

AragonX aragonx at dcsnow.com
Sat May 14 09:52:53 GMT 2005

<quote who="Duncan, Brian M.">
> Following up to my own issues, I have determined that it def seems like
> Samba is some how introducing my issues.
> For the heck of it I tried FTPing tonight to this same box that I
> described my issues with below.  Transferred 4, 4 gig files and managed
> to sustain somewhere between 15-21 Megabytes per second.  Never dropped
> to a crawl like it does copying the files via Samba.  There were some
> pauses while the server must have been clearing it's dirty cache, etc..
> But very small, not 6-8 seconds I would see with Samba, with FTP it
> would drop from 20 MegaBytes per sec to like 16 then go right back up to
> 18 then 20 in a second..   So I guess I will look further into tweaking
> Samba.

I use a 4gb file for all of my speed tests.  I have never experienced the
issues you are having.  Although I'm not getting as much performance as I
would like, I'm able to sustain about 14.5MB/sec transfer rate.  Here is
my system specifications:

AMD Duron 1.3ghz
512 mb PC133 SDRAM
Abit motherboard
2 WD 120gb IDE hard drives
1 Seagate 28gb IDE hard drive
Intel gigabit NIC
Netgear gigabit switch

I have not tweaked my FC3 installation at all except to enable DMA
transfers on one of my drives (for some reason, it didn't set it by

My FTP and Samba results are very cloe with FTP getting about .75MB/sec
faster rates.

You have a LOT of drives.  Even with top notch controllers and a quality
motherboard, you are going to have some issues there.

I might be able to get a little better performance if I tweak things a bit
but not much.  If I watch Top during the transfer my CPU states bounce
around like crazy.

So, in short, try a fresh install of FC3 without any tweaks and see what
kind of performance you can get.

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