[Samba] possible SMBmount problem

Bill Parker dogbert at netnevada.net
Fri May 13 14:19:27 GMT 2005

Hello All,

    I'm having a problem with files not being updated over shares mounted by smbmount (linux to linux) where
files reside on a machine which samba runs on and the files on that machine are 100% correct.  However, once
in a while, when apache (from the machine which has a smbmount to the linux box the files reside on) serves up
a file, it is different then the file on the machine where smbd/nmbd is running.

Is there any parameter which can be added to smb.conf to stop this behavior (all the I/O accesses are on a 
LAN, not over a WAN), or is this a known problem in smbmout?.


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