[Samba] level2 oplocks problem

Anton Butsyk anton at abutsyk.sumy.ua
Fri May 13 08:45:23 GMT 2005

Dear all,

We have samba-3.0.11 on  freebsd 5.4 as file/print server
it works perfect, but if two users open the same file together
the second still can write to the file it cannot be allowed in you

But the other server with freebsd  4.11 doesn't have this problem
perfectly do write lock on open file, so may be it's freebsd 5.x problem?

I can't find what's wrong, please help.
I can't find answer from mailist archives
http://lists.samba.org/archive/samba/ so post here.

>From smb.conf
#testparm -v |grep oplock

        kernel oplocks = Yes
        oplock break wait time = 0
        veto oplock files =
        fake oplocks = No
        oplocks = Yes
        level2 oplocks = Yes
        oplock contention limit = 2
 strict locking = yes
 share modes = yes

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