[Samba] File lock in hybrids setups

Xisco Fernández fjfernandez at riu.com
Fri May 13 06:43:00 GMT 2005

Hello list,

We're migrating our whole network to Linux. The process involves a 
period of time in which there will be Linux clients and windows clients 
mounting remote shares from a NT server.
The access is working fine, But file locking isn't working properly.

I'll expose situations tested:


Client A: Windows using Excel
Client B: Windows using Starcalc (staroffice)

This situation is handled perfectly. No linux involved.

Client A: Windows using Starcalc
Client B: Linux using Starcalc

Its working right. Starcalc recognizes that file being used
And the second starcalc sees the file just read only.

Client A: Windows using Excel
Client B: Linux using Starcalc

There is no knowledge that any client has opened the document, users
may modify the document simultaneously, and also, both clients  will be
able to save the document. But one will save his changes and the other one
will save the same file with different data. This situation is causing
data loss and file corruption.

I tried to mount the remote share as smbfs and cifs. And the same result.

I've been reading that cifs only applies to w2k and above. Our servers 
are NT
Do I get any feature using cifs instead of smbfs?


Francisco José Fernández Rivera
Departamento de Tecnología (Redes)
Riu Hotels & Resorts
Palma de Mallorca

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