[Samba] samba and vfs deleted items folder

Harondel J. Sibble help at pdscc.com
Fri May 13 03:10:58 GMT 2005

Okay, early this year I setup a samba server for a small non profit, they are 
running XP on the desktop and I have things setup so that all their data and 
outlook info is stored on the server. We do daily backups to tape, this works 
great.  A couple of months ago, someone had created an important file and 
deleted it on the same day, so it wasn't backed up, at that point I setup the 
samba vfs recycle bin. I had the little talk with the staff about the 
necessity of regularly checking and cleaning the recycling bin out. One staff 
member wanted to have it done automatically every 2 weeks, the rest did not 
want it done automatically.  So we left it at that. Now the backup tapes 
(DDS4 using bacula) are getting full and stopping.  I had a look around and 
the data is up to 30gb, It was under 15gb at the beginning of the year. 
Poking around I find one users' deleted items folder at 11gb!!! <sigh>, the 
total for the others user's brings recycled items up to 15 of the 30gb in use 

So, what do folks recommend to handle this automatically that gives some kind 
of flexibility. Essentially for the folks who want to manage it themselves 
and have shown they can handle that responsibility, I'd like them to be able 
to do this, for the folks with a more cavalier attitude, I'd like to set 
limits on a per user basis and be able to change those limits on the fly if 
necessary. Next I also want the deleted items folder to automatically recylce 
in a FIFO manner for the people with limited/controlled storage space. If 
this can all be controlled through a gui tool like webmin that can be handled 
by a non-technical office administrator, so much the better.

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