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Thanks for the information... I'm mostly looking to get AIX user
authentication from AD.... so I'll peruse this and see what I can learn.

Andy Speagle

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On Thu, 12 May 2005 aspeagle at collectionsetc.com wrote:

> Does anyone have any experience installing/configuring the latest Samba
> AIX 5.2?... If so, would you care to share your notes?

I've been compiling some of my notes from the last couple years and
sifting as quickly as possible, but you seem *eager* so you can test them
out for me! :-) You can get some stuff from IBM and the notes will guide
you in the order for compiling your world. The notes are based on how I
would organize my stuff :-), so feel free to do what you like.

I'd like to officially offer these and my homegrown scripts and C code for
migrating /etc/passwd people to LDAP using standard AIX stuff.

I also have some bits to do mass generation of accounts for a Samba DC.
None of the stuff I'll be providing has been tested with ADS membership,
so don't look for it. This is designed solely for AIX to get
username/password cues from LDAP and for Samba to ride "on top". There is
no intent of winbindd use with this implementation, so if you want that or
to use IBM's pam, you're on your own.

That said, all the stuff that John T. has painstaking documented will work
with respect to this setup. I've inluded sufficient links and instructions
to get the code compiled and installed. Start reading the HOwTo.

John Terpstra, are you interested the scripts and C code I've built so far
for supporting our infrastructure on AIX? I've got much to share with
those who'd like it. We don't subscribe to the "creat the account as you
go" method, but we're kinda strange like that ;-) We get our cues for
account generation from other systems (since we're a college) and process
them all at once. We still have needs for creating machine accounts and
the like manually, so we have support for that as well. All the scripts
are based on a 900+ line ksh function library and about 25 ksh utility
programs that were designed using here-documents to build the LDAP stanzas
and manage groups.

It's free if you'd like it, I'll just have to come up with some *easy*
method of making it all available.



> Thanks all.
> Andy Speagle
> "Always remember that you are unique.  Just like everybody else."
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