[Samba] Re: Samba + AD etc.

Carlos Rodrigues carlos.efr at mail.telepac.pt
Wed May 11 16:46:54 GMT 2005

sysrm wrote:
> Hi all...
> Im at the stage where:
> Kinit works
> Net ads join -U Administrator works (I can see the computer in AD)
> Net ads user works
> Wbinfo -u / -g / -t works
> Getent passwd/group works
> What I cannot seem to get working is when someone logs onto the domain, and
> then tries to map a drive to the samba server, its like the credentials
> arent getting passed onto samba, or rather samba is unable to look them up
> properly.

Can you log in to samba using "smbclient -Uuser //yourserver/yourshare"? 
And doing "kinit user; smbclient -k //yourserver/yourshare"?

> Am I missing a vital step/componant?
> Things like su - ADUSERNAME don't work, and neither does chown, chgrp
> commands ( are they even ment to work?)

They shouldn't. To have local authentication you must configure pam to 
use whatever means of talking to the AD you are using (winbind, ldap or 

> Any help, ideas, WHY HAVNT YOU READ THIS FAQ (I probably have in fairness)
> gratefully received.

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