[Samba] samba a winxp service pack2

pbruna at linuxcenterla.com pbruna at linuxcenterla.com
Wed May 11 16:00:02 GMT 2005

a client of mine has a samba server with some shares (a,b for example).
The clients are winxp without service pack2 and with service pack2.

the strange thing is that the clients whitout SP2 can access the share
contents putting only \\a in the explorer (i always believe i has to be

the clients with SP2 can not view the shares contents writing \\share they
has to write \\server\share, and they "need" to access with the \\share
method (you know, ms users :) ).

so, this is a change in the behaviuor of windows with SP2 or a samba thing.

thx a lot.

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