[Samba] cifs share / unable to load nls charset utf8

Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Wed May 11 13:02:48 GMT 2005

ons, 11.05.2005 kl. 14.07 skrev Julius Junghans:

> ive got some problems with my shares(cifs), the server/client (both 
> gentoo) is utf8 ready but i cant get typical german sings like "öäü" to 
> work, all i get is ? instead of the  chars.
> i can see the chars from my windows xp machine, but why not from the 
> linux client?

What do you have for "display charset" in [global]? Mine's unset, which
gives LOCALE by default, which means I get to see Norwegian letters at
the CLI, but *only* because my LANG=no_NO.UTF-8. I also get the wanted
result when I set "display charset" to UTF-8.

If your LC_LANG is other than whatever_WHATEVER.UTF-8  you probably
won't get to see German characters at the CLI anyway, sniff sniff.


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